The Spur-Wearing Force Behind Cowgirl Copy Studio

Ready to buck boring copy and get words on your website that round up dream clients? Then you need Melissa Almon in your stable.

Melissa is a word-wrangling copywriter and rule-breaking storyteller who’s worked with agencies from San Francisco to Honolulu. She’s even won a few ad awards along the way.

Her clients go nuts for her personality-packed writing, talent for shaking out the real story, and ability to write words that get them booked solid. (Like Melissa’s recent client who gets $8k bookings on almost every discovery call.)

It’s not all giddy-up either. Melissa has written for big brands like Disneyland, Hyatt, Sony, Prudential, Continental Airlines, and more. But what she’s most proud of are the 100+ personal and boutique brands she’s helped grow through telling their unique stories.

When this Stanford grad isn’t pushing the limits of her manicure on the keyboard, you can find her checking out the latest “Hustle Buy” red wines at Trader Joe’s, or trying not to get lost riding in the hills of Southern California.